Transactional API Subscriber Error Codes

A subscriber error code occurs when a message can't be delivered due to an incorrect email address or other incorrect user setup. This table lists the possible error codes and provides an explanation of what each error indicates.

Error CodeError MessageDetails
1UnsubscribedThe subscriber’s status is unsubscribed.
2HeldThe subscriber’s status is held.
3PartnerUnsubscribedThe subscriber’s status in the partner system is unsubscribed.
4MissingEmailAddressThe subscriber doesn’t have an email address.
5InvalidEmailAddressThe subscriber’s email address isn’t valid.
6DuplicateEmailThe subscriber’s email address matches the email address of another subscriber in the request.
7InvalidSubscriberIDProvidedThe subscriber ID is invalid.
8MissingSubscriberIDThe subscriber key and subscriber ID are missing from the request.
9MissingOwnerIDThe ID for the child client account is missing in the request.
10MissingRequiredAttributesOne or more required attributes for the subscriber are missing from the request.
11NoAllSubscribersListEntryThe subscriber isn’t on the AllSubscribers list for the account.
12InvalidOwnerIDProvidedThe child client account isn’t a member of the enterprise account.
13SubscriberKeyMismatchThe subscriber key doesn’t match the subscriber key in the request.
14EmailAddressMismatchThe subscriber email address doesn’t match the email address in the request.
15UnspecifiedErrorTse subscriber didn’t pass validation. Contact Salesforce Support.
16InvalidAttributeValueAn attribute value for the subscriber doesn’t match the attribute type.
17AttributeValueMaxLengthErrA subscriber attribute exceeds the size limit for the attribute.
18InvalidAttributeValueCountThe number of subscriber attributes doesn’t match the number of attributes that are expected.
19MissingRequiredFieldsRequired data extension fields for the subscriber are missing.
20InvalidFieldValueA data extension field value doesn’t match the field type.
21DuplicateDataExtensionRowYou can’t insert a duplicate row into the triggered send data extension.
22DataExtensionInsertFailedFailed to insert a row into the triggered send data extension.
23DomainExclusionThe subscriber was excluded because they were on a domain exclusion list.
24ListDetectiveExclusionThe subscriber was excluded because they matched a List Detective rule.
25SubscriberBlackedOutThe subscriber is in a blockout period, so the message wasn’t sent.
26BuildEmailErrorAn error occurred when attempting to build an email for the subscriber.
27SuppressionListExclusionThe subscriber was excluded because they’re on a suppression list
28OptOutListExclusionThe subscriber was excluded because they’re on an opt-out list.
29MissingSubscriberKeyValueThe subscriber key value is blank or null.
30SubscriberKeyTooLongThe subscriber key value is too long.
31ListLevelOptOutThe subscriber was opted out of the list.
32MissingSendGroupIDMissing SendGroupID for the subscriber.
33AccountLevelOptOutThe subscriber is unsubscribed at the account, enterprise, or business unit level.
34MissingMessageFileNameThe SMTP subscriber message file name is missing.
35InvalidEmailAddressIDThe EmailAddressID for the subscriber is missing or invalid in the request.
36InvalidBusinessUnitThe subscriber was excluded because they’re not a member of the enterprise business unit.
37QueuedTransactionDeletedThe message was removed from the queue.
38InvalidSalesforceIDInvalid Salesforce ID for the subscriber key.
39SubscriberQueueClearedUnsent subscribers have been cleared from the queue.
40SubscriberDeletedThe subscriber is deleted and can’t be added.
41DuplicateSubscriberThe subscriber is a duplicate of a recent send.
42RestrictedForProcessingThe subscriber is restricted for processing.
43SubscriberRequestExpiredThe triggered send request to the subscriber or contact has expired.
44Unprovisioned CountryThe account doesn’t support sending SMS messages to the country code in the subscriber's mobile number.
45Invalid Mobile NumberThe subscriber's mobile number isn’t valid.
46Message Render FailureThe subscriber's message didn’t render properly.
47Address Not FoundThe subscriber's mobile address wasn’t found.
48Send FailureThe message failed to send for an unspecified reason.
49Message ExpiredThe message expired.
50Invalid Send Time DataThe request contains an invalid send time.
51Message Too LongThe message is too long and can’t be sent.
52Message Too ShortThe message is too short and can’t be sent.
53Invalid Character for EncodingThe message contains characters that are invalid for the specified encoding.
54Validation ErrorThere was a validation error when evaluating the message.
55Feedback LoopThe message wasn’t sent because it’s configured in a way that could cause a feedback sending loop.
56Token Resolution FailureThe request to resolve a token to a destination address failed.
57Decryption FailureAn attempt to decrypt a field failed.
100ErrorAn error occurred while building the email.
101FailureFailed to send email to the subscriber.
102ExcludedExcluded by the send-time filter.
103MessageBuildErrorAn error occurred when building the subscriber message.
104RecursiveScriptErrorA submitted script contains a self-reference that can lead to an infinite recursion.
105InvalidSendTimeDataErrorInvalid send time data XML file.
106MissingSendDataExtensionSourceRowErrorMissing source row for the subscriber in the data extension send source.
107MissingSubscriberDataErrorMissing members source row.
108MissingListSubscriberDataErrorMissing tblListSub source row.
109MissingSubscriberKeyErrorMissing subscriber key.
110InvalidEmailAddressErrorInvalid subscriber email address.
111ScriptRaiseErrorA RaiseError function call resulted in the message not being sent.
112EmptyHTTPGetReturnErrorAn HTTPGet request for the subscriber returned an empty result.
113EmptyHTTPGetFunctionReturnErrorAn HTTPGet function request for the subscriber returned an empty result.
114MissingSFIDErrorMissing subscriber’s Salesforce ID.
115MissingSFDataErrorMissing subscriber’s Salesforce data.
116MissingSFSubscriberDataErrorMissing subscriber’s SF Subscriber row.
117CouldNotResolveSecureEmailTokenThe account is configured for secure email addresses, but the secure email address token for the subscriber couldn’t be resolved.
118GlobalUnsubThe subscriber’s email address is on the global unsubscribe list.
119PartnerUnsubThe subscriber’s email address is on the partner unsubscribe list.
120ListDetectiveExclusionThe subscriber’s email address was excluded because it matched a List Detective rule.
121ProcessedByPairedMemberAnother job already processed the subscriber.
122SMTPFileNotFoundCan’t find the file that contains the subscriber’s SMTP message.
123SMTPFileIOErrorCan’t read the file that contains the subscriber’s SMTP message.
124SMTPFileFormatErrorThe file containing the subscriber’s SMTP message was in an invalid format.
125DecryptionFailedCan’t decrypt an encrypted field on the sendable data extension.
126MessageVolumeLimitExceededThe message wasn’t sent because the email volume limit for the account has been reached.
127EmptySubjectThe email subject for the subscriber is empty.
128ResolvedEmailBodyTooShortThe email body for the subscriber is too short.
129PhoneNumberValidationFailedThe subscriber’s phone number failed validation at send time.
130PayloadExceedsMaximumThe payload is too large. Ensure that the payload is less than the maximum data amount specified by your admin.
131LinkDataExceedsMaximumSizeThe compressed job subscriber link data is too large.
132InvalidCCEmailAddressErrorThe CC email address for the subscriber is invalid.
133InvalidBCCEmailAddressErrorThe BCC email address for the subscriber is invalid.
134SubscriberDeletedThe message wasn’t sent because the subscriber is being processed for deletion.
135RestrictedForProcessingThe message wasn’t send because the subscriber is restricted for processing.
136SubscriberKeyMismatchThe subscriber key or contact key doesn’t match the send data extension subscriber key.
137SubscriberIDMismatchThe subscriber ID or contact ID doesn’t match the send data extension subscriber ID.
138ExceededExpirationPolicyThe triggered send request expired.
139TimedoutInQueueThe triggered send request timed out while waiting in the queue.
140UnverifiedFromEmailAddressThe message wasn’t sent because the “From” email address isn’t verified.
141V2TriggeredSendDeletedFromQueueThe CLEAR_TS_QUEUE slot worker deleted the subscriber.
1000UnsubscribedListThe subscriber was excluded from the send because they’re unsubscribed from the AllSubscribers list.
1020UnsubscribedGlobalThe subscriber was excluded from the send because they’re globally unsubscribed.
1030HeldThe subscriber was excluded from send because they’re in held status.
1040DeletedThe subscriber was excluded from the send because they were deleted.