Transactional OTT Events

The Event Notification Service supports these event notification types and their corresponding payloads.

The events are supported only for WhatsApp Direct (Meta).

Notification Event CategoryNotification Event TypeDescription
TransactionalSendEventsOttNotSentIndicates that the OTT message was not sent to Meta, or Meta did not accept the request to send this message to the subscriber.
eventCategoryTypestringThe taxonomy of the event
eidstringTenant Enterprise ID from which the event was produced
midstringTenant Business Unit ID from which the event was produced
senderTypestringThe type of sender. For example, WhatsApp, LINE and so on. Currently, the only supported value is WhatsApp.
channelIdstringThe ID of the channel from which the message was sent by subscriber. For example, the business phone number.
sendTypestringThe type of send
messageKeystringThe message key generated during the request
timestampUTCnumberUTC epoch time
statusstringThe status of the message such as, NOTSENT, or Unknown.
reasonstringReason for failure from Meta. For more information, see Meta error codes.