The TriggeredSendStatusEnum object defines the status of a triggered send.

NameData TypeDescription
ActiveEnumerationRepresents a triggered send that is currently sending messages. Allow a TriggeredSendDefinition to receive and send TriggeredSends.
CanceledEnumerationIndicates the triggered send exists within the system but does not accept any new triggered send calls. This status represents a triggered send with sends that were canceled by the account owner. This property relates to the archive status of a triggered send in Marketing Cloud. Once a triggered send has this status, it cannot revert to active or inactive status.
DeletedEnumerationSubscriberStatus: The subscriber has been deleted from Marketing Cloud. TriggeredSendStatusEnum: SendDefinitionStatusEnum:
InactiveEnumerationIndicates a subscriber address is not currently being used.
MovedEnumerationIndicates the triggered send moved to a new location in Marketing Cloud.
NewEnumerationIndicates the triggered send status of new.