Contains results of each object in an Update request as an array of objects. The objects are returned in the order acted upon: first in, first out. This array contains one UpdateResult object per input APIObject.

NameData TypeDescription
ConversationIDxsdUnique ID of initial async API call.
ErrorCodexsdIdentifies the error of an API request.
ObjectAPIObjectSpecifies definition of object.
OrdinalIDxsdDefines position of object within an array of information.
OverallStatusCodexsdRepresents overall status of conversation via async API.
RequestIDxsdUnique ID of initial async API call.
RequestTypeRequestTypeDefines request as synchronous or asynchronous API.
ResultDetailXMLxsdContains details of operation result in XML format.
ResultTypexsdDefines result as coming from synchronous or asynchronous API.
StatusCodexsdStatus of async API request.
StatusMessagexsdDescribes the status of an API call.
UpdateResultsUpdateResult[]Indicates error information associated with an update to a data extension.