Use ClientID in Your Code

Use ClientID to control which account an object is associated with when using Marketing Cloud Engagement Enterprise, Enterprise 2.0, and Agency editions. To ensure the object is created in the right account, specify the client ID on all objects passed into the API.

When you provision an account through the API, you can set a PartnerKey for the account to identify it externally. Reference the PartnerKey in the ClientID object PartnerClientKey property. If you don't associate PartnerKey with the account, use the ClientID objectID property with your account ID as the value.

Marketing Cloud Engagement maintains the PartnerClientKey property for legacy functionality and backwards compatibility. To avoid performance issues, don't use this property in new code or integrations. Replace this property with ClientID whenever possible.

These .NET code examples show how to use the ClientID in your code.


Use ClientID in your SOAP calls differently, depending on the method. In each of these examples, notice the unique placement and usage of the Client property in the SOAP body.