GET /hub/v1/approvals-v2/{id}/roles

Retrieves a list of roles for a given approval item as well as the users assigned to those roles.

idstringRequiredApproval item ID
200  Response includes details about the roles, and users assigned to those roles, for an approval item.
 workflowRoleInstanceIdstringID of workflowRoleInstance record
 workflowRoleDefinitionIdstringID of WorkflowRoleDefinition record
 RoleIdstringUnique ID of the role
 keystringUnique key for the role
 usersarrayList of users for a specific role
 users.workflowRoleInstanceUserIdstringID of the workflowRoleInstanceUser record
 users.workflowItemIdstringID of the workflow item
 users.workflowRoleInstanceIdstringID of the workflowRoleInstance record
 users.userIdstringID of the user
 users.userNamestringName of the user
 users.memberIdstringMember ID (MID)
 users.enterpriseIdstringEnterprise ID (EID)
 users.isActivestringIndicates if user is active