Use Case Examples for Enhanced Content Search

The following examples use the fictitious Northern Trail Outfitters company to show you how to use the enhanced content search feature.

For reference details related to these use cases, see POST /asset/v1/content/assets/query.

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) uses this naming taxonomy for their message campaigns:

[Messaging Channel] [CALL TO ACTION] [Fiscal Year] [Quarter Number] [Month Number] [Week Number]

Using this taxonomy, NTO has these messages:

NTO received feedback that the coupon codes in their flash sale messages in fiscal year 20, Q3, week 4 messages in August are not working, and they need to replace the code. To find all affected messages, they perform a search that returns all messages, regardless of channel, for that timeframe, based on the name taxonomy. NTO wants a search query that can return these messages:

With the like operator, NTO finds results with an exact match of a partial string.

NTO received feedback that there is a typo in their email ad message in fiscal year 20, Q3, week 4 message in August, and they want to update the message. To find the affected message, they perform a search that returns only that message. NTO wants a search query than only returns this message:

With the equals operator, NTO can search to find an exact match for the name of the asset.

A user is looking for an older email that she wants to duplicate as a starting point for a new email. She doesn’t remember what the exact name of the email was, but she knows that it contained these words: flash, sale, happy, new, year.

With the mustcontain operator, NTO performs a search for assets that contains all words included in the search.

A user resumes work on an email a coworker created in her NTO account last week, but does not remember the email name. She filters all emails so that she only sees emails created by her coworker last week.