POST /contacts/v1/attributeSets/{id}

Inserts a collection of attribute value containers or the data rows of a specified attribute set by ID or name.

idstringRequiredThe ID of the attribute set expressed in the form of a GUID (UUID). Required if not using key or name.
namestringRequiredThe name of the attribute set. Prefix the parameter with name:. For example, /attributeSets/name:{name}. Required if not using ID.
itemsarrayRequiredArray of values to insert into the attribute set
items.valuesarrayRequiredName and value pairs of attributes to insert into the attribute set

The call requires at least the ID, Key, or Name value in the request. If you provide more than one of these values, the call processes the first matching value in the following order:

  1. ID
  2. Key
  3. Name

Example Request by ID

Example Request by Name

Example Response