POST /interaction/v1/interactions/contactMembership

Provides a list of journeys and journey versions for a list of contact keys.

ContactKeyListarrayRequiredList of up to 50 contact keys.
200  ****
 resultsobjectAn object containing contacts found in a journey and contacts not found in a journey.
 contactMembershipsarrayContact membership information.
 contactMemberships.contactKeystringContact key that was included in the request.
 contactMemberships.definitionKeystringUnique identifier for the journey where the contact was found.
 contactMemberships.VersionstringVersion number of the journey where the contact was found.
 contactsNotFoundarrayList of contacts not found in any journeys in the account.

To issue a request, you must have the Journey Builder | General, Journey Builder | Automation, and Interaction Studio | Access permissions.