GET /contacts/v1/contacts/key:{contactKey}/Preferences

Retrieves consent management information from contact records by contact key. GET requests might display values that are reserved for future use and don't perform any actions at this time. Use only the parameters documented here. For best performance, use batches of contact ID values whenever possible.

contactKeystringRequiredPrimary address for the contact.
200  Retrieved contact preferences by contact key.
 valueobjectContains the contact ID and other properties to add.
 value.contactIDlongUnique ID for the contact.
 value.hasOptedOutTrackingbooleanIndicates whether a contact opted out of tracking information.
 rowsAffectedintegerNumber of rows returned.
 requestServiceMessageIDguidService message ID for the request.
 responseDateTimeintegerDate and time of the retry response in UTC.
 resultMessagesarrayArray of messages about the request. Includes details, such as resulttype and resultcode, about a bad request.
 serviceMessageIDguidService message ID for the response.

These permissions are required.

  • Assets, Upload
  • Assets, Publish
  • Documents and Images, Read and Write
  • Saved Content, Read and Write