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POST /contacts/v1/addresses/email/search

Retrieves the contact key for one or more email channel addresses.

channelAddressListarrayRequiredList of email channel addresses for which a contact key is requested
maximumCountintegerNumber of contact keys associated with an email channel address. The default value is 1.
200  Response contains a list of contact keys with their created date and time.
 channelAddressResponseEntitiesarrayList of contact keys with their created date and time
 channelAddressResponseEntities.contactKeystringContact key of the email channel address
 channelAddressResponseEntities.createdDatedatetimeContact key creation date
 channelAddressstringRequested email channel address
 operationStatusstringCurrent operation status
 requestServiceMessageIDguidService message ID for the request
 serviceMessageIDguidService message ID for the response
EmptyResponse  Empty response when the email channel address is not found.
 channelAddressResponseEntitiesarrayEmpty array returned when email channel address is not found
 channelAddressstringRequested email channel address

Example Request

Example Response