POST /hub/v1/dataevents/key:{key}/rowset

Upserts multiple data extension rows. An upsert operation updates rows if the specified key exists and inserts new rows if the specified key doesn't exist.

There are limits to the size of the payload that you can include with this request. For more information, see API Limits and Guidelines.

keystringThe data extension external key, included in URL as key:{keyValue}. If you don’t provide an ID, you must provide an external key.
idstringThe data extension ID, included in the URL. If you don’t provide an external key, you must provide an ID.
keysobjectThe key-value pair of the primary key for each row.
valuesobjectThe column name and value for the row that you want to insert into the data extension.

To use this API, include the external key of the target data extension in the URL path. In the body of the POST request, provide the data that you want to upsert into the data extension. As a best practice, update or insert a maximum of 50 columns and 50 records at a time.

The response includes information about the data that was upserted into the data extension.