GET /interaction/v1/interactions/{id}/audit/{action}

Retrieves an audit log of a journey and its versions by ID or key. Pass in different actions to see history about creating, modifying, activating, deactivating, stopping, and deleting a journey.

idstringRequiredThe ID or key of the audit log to retrieve. Required if not using a key. The ID returns the audit log for all versions of the journey, unless a versionNumber is provided.
keystringRequiredThe key of the audit log to retrieve. Required if not using ID. Prefix the parameter with key:. For example, /interactions/key:{key}.
actionstringRequiredThe actions used to build your audit log. Specify all to return all actions. Use one of these possible values:
  • all
  • create
  • modify
  • publish
  • unpublish
  • delete
versionNumberintegerThe version number of the journey audit log to retrieve

Example Request

Example Response The response includes a log containing these elements:

  • Page count
  • Page size
  • Count of all actions passed in
  • An item object The item object includes specific information depending on the action passed in. All item objects include these elements for all actions:
  • Customer key
  • Journey ID (or key), name, and description
  • Original definition ID
  • Date and time of the action
  • Name and id of user who performed the action