Post /interaction/v1/interactions/contactexit

Removes up to 50 contacts from a journey or from one or more versions of a journey.

ContactKeystringRequiredID that uniquely identifies a subscriber or contact. Include a single contact or an array of up to 50 contacts.
DefinitionKeystringRequiredCustomer Key that uniquely identifies the journey. This key is the same for all versions of the journey.
VersionsarrayOne or more versions of a journey from which to remove a contact.
202  ****
 errorsarrayList of errors for request to remove a contact from a journey
 contactKeystringContact that needs to be removed from a journey
 definitionKeystringDefinition key of the journey
 statusarrayArray of statuses of the contact in a given journey
 status.versionstringVersion number of the journey
 status.messagestringStatus of the request to remove a contact from a specific version of the journey