POST /interaction/v1/interactions

Creates or saves a journey. To create a new journey provide the request body in the appropriate Journey Specification. Please read the Journey Spec page to understand which properties are required to create a journey via the API. The id, key, createdDate, modifiedDate, status and definitionId are assigned by Journey Builder and are never to be passed in as parameters for creating a journey. To call this resource, assign your API Integration the Automation | Interactions | Read scope.

keystringRequiredThe customer key as a GUID (UUID) to be used while referencing this journey
namestringRequiredThe name of this journey
descriptionstringA description of this journey
workflowApiVersionnumberRequiredThe Journey Spec version to use for this journey. Possible values: 0.5, 1.0.
goalsarrayThe goal for this particular journey. Expressed as an object of type ContactDecision from the Journey Spec.
triggersarrayThe trigger for this particular journey. Expressed as an object of type ContactEvent from the Journey Spec.
activitiesarrayThe activities which compose this particular journey. Expressed as objects of types supported by the Journey Spec.

Example Request

This request creates a journey. This example represents the minimum required parameters to create a journey, as prescribed by the Journey Spec. These JSON paramters are always provided by Journey Builder and can never be supplied:

  • id
  • lastPublishedDate
  • createdDate
  • modifiedDate
  • definitionId

To understand how to leverage the full capability of creating journeys via the API, the Journey Spec documentation provides a comprehensive list of all available paramters. This enables you to create multiple combinations of entry events, waits, data-binding, activities and outcomes for a journey.

Example Response