POST /interaction/v1/events

Insert subscribers into a journey synchronously.

ContactKeyStringRequired. The unique ID of a subscriber or a contact.
EventDefinitionKeyStringRequired. The unique ID of the journey entry event. You can find the EventDefinitionKey in Event Administration after the event is created and saved. This key is present for both standard and custom events. Don’t include a period in the EventDefinitionKey.
DataObjectProperties of the event. Required only if defined in a custom event or by the event.

To fire the entry event, send a POST request to the /interaction/v1/events endpoint. Include the contact key, the event definition key, and any additional data that’s required for the event. If the payload includes UTF-8 characters, include the Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8 header.

If there are no errors, the API returns an HTTP 201 response that includes the eventInstanceId.

If the event definition key isn’t found, the API returns an HTTP 400 response.

The API also returns an HTTP 400 response if the contact isn’t active.