PUT /interaction/v1/interactions

Updates a journey version. To call this resource, assign your API Integration the Automation | Interactions | Read scope.

keystringRequired. The user-defined Key for the journey to update
namestringRequired. The name of this journey
workflowApiVersionnumberRequired. The Journey Spec version to use for this journey. Possible values: 0.5, 1.0.
versionnumberRequired. The version of this journey
idstringThe GUID (UUID) to be used while referencing this journey.
modifiedDatestringThis field must match the Database value. If it doesn't match, the request is rejected. You are not actually updating this field; it is used in mapping to the correct version of this journey.
descriptionstringA description of the journey.
goalsarrayThe goal for this particular journey. Expressed as an object of type ContactDecision from the Journey Spec.
triggersarrayThe trigger for this particular journey. Expressed as an object of type ContactEvent from the Journey Spec.
activitiesarrayThe activities which compose this particular journey. Expressed as objects of types supported by the Journey Spec

This request updates the journey version specified by the versionNumber Query Parameter.

This example represents the minimum required parameters to update the journey version, as prescribed by the Journey Spec. To understand how to leverage the full capability of updating journeys via the API, the Journey Spec documentation provides a comprehensive list of all available parameters.

These JSON parameters are always provided by Journey Builder and can never be updated:

  • id
  • lastPublishedDate
  • createdDate
  • modifiedDate, used in the request body, but only for mapping
  • definitionId
  • status

Although the modifiedDate may not be updated, you are required to pass current value that matches the database record. This prevents simultaneous writes that would overwrite other users' changes.

The response contains metadata about the journey.

If an error occurs, the response provides an HTTP error code and a description of the error.