PUT /interaction/v1/eventDefinitions/{id}

Updates an event definition by ID or key. Once an event definition is created, only a few properties can be updated. To call this resource, assign your API Integration the Automation | Interactions | Read scope.

idstringRequired. The ID of the event definition expressed in the form of a GUID (UUID). Required if not using a key.
keystringRequired. The key of the event definition. Required if not using ID. Prefix the value with key:.
namestringA name for the event.
eventDefinitionKeystringThe unique ID of an event definition. Don't include special characters.
sourceApplicationExtensionIdstringA link to the application extension that defines the configuration screens for this type. Journey Builder uses this ID to filter shared entry sources. For example, for the Event Definition to be visible in the Existing Entry sources panel in the UI, this field needs to be populated. To obtain this value, perform a GET eventDefinition on similar events in Journey Builder.
dataExtensionIdstringThe ID for the data extension associated with the event. Events fired from the API write to this data extension.