POST /hub/v1/objects/{objectTypeName}/tags/delete

Use this resource to delete multiple tag associations at one time.

objectTypeNamestringRequiredDesignates the type of object to delete tags from. Possible values include:
  • campaign - deletes tags from a campaign
  • InteractionStudio.DefinitionInfo - deletes tags from a journey
  • media - deletes tags from a media asset
ObjectIdsstringRequiredThe ObjectIds are the unique IDs for the objects. Each tag is deleted from the ObjectId specified in the payload. For Journey Builder, the ObjectIds are the are the OriginalDefinitionId of the journeys.
TagNamesstringRequiredName of the tag to delete. For each tag/object pair, the association is deleted only if the association exists. If a tag name is specified that does not exist, it is ignored.

Example Request

Tag your Journeys