GET /platform/v1/wrappingKey

Retrieve and create, if necessary, the wrapping key - RSA 4096. This feature is a limited availability program. Contact your Marketing Cloud account representative for more information about participation in this program. Data at Rest Encryption is a prerequisite for this feature.

x-request-idstringHeader parameter: Request ID for the request. Default Format: c39516e2-55e0-426d-8717-b2efed6d9841.
x-mccs-user-contextstringHeader parameter: Indicates the MCCS user context. Example: EID=111;MID=111;EmployeeId=111.
x-mccs-keystore-providerstringHeader parameter: Specify a key store provider to use for an ImportKey or WrappingKey request. Examples: kms, keysecure, database. Default: keysecure.
x-mccs-macstringHeader parameter: Specify the message authentication code for the request.
200  Successfully retrieved public wrapping key bytes
400  Invalid keystore provider name in the request header
 statusintegerFormat: int32.
500  Unable to process request
 statusCodeintegerFormat: int32.

Example Request

Example Response