GET /push/v1/message

Retrieves all messages currently defined within an account.

$pagenumberPage number to return from the paged results. Start with 1 and continue until you get zero results. Typically provided along with the $pagesize parameter.
$pagesizenumberNumber of results per page to return. Typically provided along with the $page parameter.
$filterstringFilter by a message's property using a simple operator and value. Valid filter properties are Message Type, Content Type, and Status.
$orderBystringDetermines which property to use for sorting, and also determines the direction in which to sort the data.

The sort syntax is the message property name followed by the order direction, either asc or desc, with a space in between. Sort by multiple property names by separating each sequence with a comma. Valid sort properties are:

  • id
  • name
  • statusid
  • status
  • scheduledDate
  • applicationId
  • application
  • app
  • campaign
  • sendMethodId
  • subject
  • geofenceId
  • createdDate
  • lastUpdated

This example sorts by name in descending order: /push/v1/message?$orderBy=name asc.

Each filter is separated by %20. Any other special characters need to be url encoded.

eqEquals. Compares numbers and strings.
neqIs not equal to. Compares numbers and strings.
ltIs less than. Compares numbers only.
lteIs less than or equal to. Compares numbers only.
gtIs greater than. Compares numbers only.
gteIs greater than or equal to. Compares numbers only.
likeIs similar to. Compares strings only.

Example Request

Example Response

If the request includes invalid values, the API returns a 400 response with details on the error.