GET /messaging/v1/email/seed-list-account

Reads account data for a seed-list. The MID is used from authentication. Returns the partner list and auto-seed options that are in place for the MID.

200  Successful read of account data.
 autoSeedListIDstringA globally unique identifier (GUID).
 autoSeedListThresholdintegerThe threshold for auto-seeding.
 autoSeedEnabledbooleanA true or false value indicating if auto-seed is enabled.
 autoSeedListNamestringThe name of the seed-list.
200  Successful read but an empty response when there's no SeedListAccount entry.
HTTP StatusDescriptionNotes
400No active auto-seed-list mapping for the given MID.Error code: 10000
429API rate limit throttling is preventing success.Yet to be added.

Data exists:

No data exists: