GET /messaging/v1/email/seed-lists

Read all seed lists for an account. The MID and partner appId are used from authentication. The View user permission is required.

StatusNameType    Description
200      Successful response indicating the request passed validations.
 countinteger    The count of seed-lists.
 pageinteger    The page number.
 pageSizeinteger    The maximum of seed-lists allowed on a page under the current pagination settings.
 linksobject    An object containing relevant links as name:value pairs, the values are objects.
   selfobject  The name self is a default object name, with the nested object.
     hrefstringThe string value is the path of the calling url.
 itemslist of objects    The container for the items.
   idstring  A globally unique identifier (GUID).
   namestring  The name of a seed-list, assigned at creation or update.
   descriptionstring  The description of a seed-list, assigned at creation or update.
   activeSeedCountinteger  The count of seeds (email addresses) in the seed-list.
200      Successful response but with an empty object, indicating no seed-lists for the partner appID.
HTTP StatusDescription
429API rate limit throttling is preventing success.

Data exists:

No data exists: