GET /messaging/v1/email/seed-lists/{id}

Read a single seed list for an account. The MID and partner appId is used from authentication. Ensure the MID is activated for MCSeedList. This query verifies that the seed-list GUID given as the value for id belongs to the appID. If so, it returns the active seed-list for the id.

StatusNameType  Description
200    Successful response indicating the request passed validations
 idstring  The globally unique id (GUID) assigned inception.
 namestring  The description given at creation or update.
 descriptionstring  The description of the seed-list given at creation or update.
 seedslist of objects  The objects in the list each consist of a single name:value pair.
   emailstringAn email address.
200    Successful response but with an empty object, indicating no active seed-lists for the partner appID.
HTTP StatusDescription
401Seed-list doesn't belong to the partner appID.
429API rate limit throttling is preventing success.

Data exists:

No data exists: