GET /sms/v1/messageList/{id}/deliveries/{tokenId}

Returns status for a message sent to a group of mobile numbers.

messageIdstringMessage Id provided for the messageList
tokenIdstringToken Id returned for the messageList

Example Request

Example Response

Status values:

  • message - The message text sent in the SMS message

  • count - The total of mobile numbers included in the send request subtracting the number of unsubscribed recipients

  • createdDate - Date when the MessageContact send was submitted, returned in CST

  • createdDate - Date when the send completed, returned in CST

  • Status

    • Finished
    • Error
    • New
    • Queuing
    • Started

Error Response

If the request included an invalid messageId or tokenId, the API returns the appropriate error.

Message id {0} is not valid.The messageID value provided in the URL was not in a valid format.
"Token id {0} is not valid."The tokenId value provided in the URL was not in a valid format.
Token id {0} is not valid for this client.The tokenId value provided is valid but was created for another client.
TokenId {0} is not valid for MessageId {1}.The tokenId value provided is valid for your account but not for the MessageId provided.
An unexpected error occurred, please contact Customer Support with reference id {0}.If this unexpected error is presented when making a call, please take note of the reference id value returned in the error and contact ExactTarget Global Support for more information.