GET /messaging/v1/email/definitions

The number of records returned by this function is based on the $pageSize and $page parameters. It doesn't necessarily return all the records in one call.

Get a list of email send definitions.

$filterstringFilter by status type. Accepted values are active, inactive, or deleted. Valid operations are eq and neq.
$pageSizeintegerIn the array called definitions, each element is an object representing a send definition. This parameter controls the number of such objects that are returned per page.
$pageintegerPage number to return.
$orderBystringSort by a dimension. You can sort by only one dimension. Accepted values are definitionKey, name, createdDate, modifiedDate, and status.
200  Success
 requestIdstringThe unique identifier of this request.
 namestringName of the definition.
 definitionKeystringUnique, user-generated key to access the definition object.
 statusstringOperational state of the definition: active, inactive, or deleted. A message sent to an active definition is processed and delivered. A message sent to an inactive definition isn’t processed or delivered. Instead, the message is queued for later processing for up to three days.
 createdDatestringDate the definition was created.
 modifiedDatestringDate and time of the most recent definition change.
200 OKSuccess. Review example response.
400 Bad RequestInvalid request
403 ForbiddenFailed to pass authorization.
500 Server ErrorInternal error