PATCH /messaging/v1/push/definitions/{definitionKey}

Update a push send definition, selected by key.

definitionKeystringRequired. The unique, user-generated key to access the definition object.
NameTypeDescriptionAttribute Requirements
namestringThe name of the definition. The value must be unique.
applicationIdGUIDThe ID of the application used to send the message.
content.customerKeystringThe unique identifier of the content asset.The customerKey received from content builder.
statusstringOperational state of the definition:
Messages sent to an active definition are processed and delivered. A message sent to an inactive definition is queued for processing for up to three days.
Transactional API - Operational Status
descriptionstringThe user-provided description of the send definition.
options.soundstringThis parameter names the sound file to play when the push message arrives on the mobile device. It overrides the value on the push message definition. The name is 100 characters or less.
options.badgestringThis parameter supports iOS and Android.

For iOS, the value overrides the push message definition.

For iOS SDK version 4.9.5 and newer, the badge on the app displays this number and raises by one for each new unread message.

For older iOS SDK versions, the badge count doesn't increment.
The string value must resolve to an integer. Values such as "1", "+1", "2", and "+2" are acceptable.
options.customKeysarrayAn array of custom key-value pairs.