GET /messaging/v1/sms/definitions/{definitionKey}

Retrieves the send definition configuration details for a definition key.

definitionKeystringRequired. The unique identifier of the send definition.
200  OK
 requestIdstringThe unique identifier of this request.
 namestringName of the definition.
 definitionKeystringA unique, user-generated key to access the definition object.
 definitionIdstringA unique Marketing Cloud Engagement object identifier.
 descriptionstringA user-provided description of the send definition.
 statusstringThe status of the definition. Possible values include active, inactive, or deleted. Messages that you send to an active definition are processed for delivery. Messages that you send to an inactive definition aren’t processed or delivered. Instead, the message is queued for later processing for up to three days.
 createdDatestringThe date the definition was created.
 modifiedDatestringThe date and time the definition was most recently changed.
 content.messagestringThe message content to send with each message. Use substitution strings and AMPscript to personalize the message.
 subscriptions.shortCodestringThe short or long code to use to send messages with this send definition.
 subscriptions.countryCodestringThe country code associated with the short code. Don't specify this value for long codes unless your account configuration requires it.
 subscriptions.keywordstringAn SMS keyword that is used to track messages.
 subscriptions.autoAddSubscriberbooleanIf you set this value to true, recipients are added as subscribers to the short code. If you set the value to false, the message is rejected if the contact doesn’t exist as a subscriber. The default value is true.
 subscriptions.updateSubscriberbooleanIf you set this value to true, the system updates the subscriber data to include the mobile number. Default is true.