POST /hub/v1/workflowitems/{workflowItemId}/roles/{workflowRoleI...

Creates a user role to assign to a workflow role.

workflowRoleInstanceIdstringRequiredId of the workflow role instance.
workflowItemIdstringRequiredId of the workflow item
userIdstringRequiredId of the user to be added
userNamestringRequiredUsername of the user to be added
200  Response contains a list of workflow teams just created.
 workflowRoleInstanceUserIdstringId of the newly created record in WorkflowRoleInstanceUser table
 workflowItemIdstringId of the workflow item
 workflowRoleInstanceIdstringId of the WorkflowRoleInstance record
 userIdstringId of the user
 memberIdstringMID the user belongs to
 enterpriseIdstringEID the user’s MID belongs to
 modifiedBystringMemberId that created the record
400  400 Bad Request
 messagestringUserId is required.
 errorcodestringError code for the exception (10002)
403  403 Unauthorized
 messagestringInsufficient Privileges.
 errorcodestringError code for the exception (20002)
404  404 Not Found
 messagestringThe UserId doesn’t exist, so the role user can’t be added.
 errorcodestringError code for the exception (30003)