DELETE /hub/v1/workflowitems/{workflowItemId}/roles/{workflowRoleInstanceId}/Users/{userId}

Removes a user assigned to a workflow role.

workflowRoleInstanceIdstringRequiredId of the workflow role instance record
workflowItemIdstringRequiredId of the workflow item
userIdstringRequiredId of the user to be removed
204  204 No Content
 messagestringValue is a required field.
 errorcodestringError code for the exception (10002)
400  404 Not Found
 messagestringThe WorkflowRoleInstanceUser isn’t active, so it can’t be deleted.
 errorcodestringError code for the exception (30003)
403  403 Unauthorized
 messagestringInsufficient Privileges.
 errorcodestringError code for the exception (20002)