GET /hub/v1/workflowteams/{objecttype}

Retrieves a list of active workflow teams. Depending on the query string parameters, the result includes one or both filtered results: role user information for each workflow item or workflow items to which the current user is assigned.

objecttypestringRequiredSpecify the workflow object type to retrieve or use (@all to retrieve all workflow object types.
assigneestringIf assignee=@current, this resource retrieves workflow teams that the current user is assigned to.
extrastringIf extra=roleusers, then each item in the response includes role user information as a collection.
200  Response contains a list of workflow teams.
 countstringNumber of records retrieved
 pagestringCurrent page number
 pageSizestringNumber of records on each page
 objectTypestringWorkflow type
 ItemsarrayList of workflow items
 Items.idstringWorkflow Id
 Items.objectTypestringWorkflow object type
 Items.namestringWorkflow name
 Items.descriptionstringDescription of the workflow
 Items.roleUsersarrayList of role users
 Items.roleUsers.idstringUnique Id for the association between role and users
 Items.roleUsers.TeamIdstringTeam Id the role user is associated with
 Items.roleUsers.roleDefinitionIdstringRole definition Id
 Items.roleUsers.roleDefinitionNamestringRole definition name
 Items.roleUsers.employeeIdstringId of the user assigned to the role
 Items.roleUsers.employeeNamestringName of the user assigned to the role
 Items.roleUsers.roleIdstringId of the role
404  404 Not Found
 messagestringNo workflow teams found for workflow object type: [workflowObjectType]
 errorcodestringError code for the exception (30003)