Add a Thumbnail to Your App Inbox

Using MobilePush’s Custom Keys, you can customize your application’s display of inbox messages with message-specific information to enhance the look, feel, and usability of your app’s inbox.

In the following example, we illustrate how to include an image URL when sending an Inbox message. Your application can later access this URL to add a thumbnail image to your message list.

  1. Create a custom key named inboxThumbnail in MobilePush by following the instructions provided in MobilePush Custom Keys.

  2. Create an inbox message targeted for your application by following the instructions provided in Create and Send an Inbox Message.

    When configuring the message, set the custom key inboxThumbnail to a valid https URL. For example,

  3. To access the custom key sent in a message within your app's inbox, use the following code snippet. This snippet is derived from sample code provided in our Android LearningApp and iOS LearningApp projects.