Control App Badging

Available InVersion
MobilePush SDK for iOS7.x and newer

The MobilePush SDK automatically sets the application badge value if inbox messaging is enabled in your SDK configuration. The SDK sets the badge in the following cases:

  • When an inbox message is sent from Marketing Cloud Engagement, a silent push is also sent. The silent push contains a badge value that reflects the system’s count of unread inbox messages.
  • When Engagement sends an Alert + Inbox message, the alert (push notification) includes a badge value. This badge value represents the total count of unread inbox messages, with an additional increment for the current push notification.
  • When the application is sent to the background, the MobilePush SDK sets the badge value to the count of unread inbox messages.

When a push notification created in Engagement has a badge value enabled, iOS sets the application badge directly.

Neither the SDK nor the application can prevent this badge value from being set via a push notification.

Your application can override the SDK's default badge setting. After you've configured your application to manage badging, the MobilePush SDK no longer updates the badge count based on the unread Inbox messages.

To enable your application to manage badge control, set setApplicationControlsBadging(true) on the PushConfigBuilder during the SDK configuration.

If your application manages badging, we recommend updating or resetting the badge value in response to changes in events or data within your app.

You can adjust the badge value by setting it to an integer value.