MobilePush SDK

The MobilePush SDK and its adjacent hybrid frameworks provide developers with a sophisticated toolkit used by billions of devices globally across multiple industries. The primary objectives are facilitating the creation and targeted delivery of personalized mobile app messages to foster meaningful interactions with mobile app users. By integrating the SDK, marketers can elevate their engagement strategies, ensuring a purposeful and impactful connection with their target audience.

MobilePush allows you to:

  • Drive engagement and commerce
  • Gain valuable user insights
  • Easily build cross-channel campaigns
  • Personalize, segment, and schedule messages
  • Designed to work effortlessly with Marketing Cloud Engagement, guaranteeing compatibility for each release
  • Handles Engagement failure events and responses, including dynamic DDoS protections
  • Built-in GDPR compliance and consent enabled features
  • Unified identity and behavioral tracking with Salesforce Data Cloud
  • Salesforce best practices for encryption of data at rest
PlatformMinimum Supported Version
Android21 (Lollipop)
DependencySupported Version
FCM Messaging23.2.1
Play Services Location21.0.1 (optional)
AltBeacon2.20 (optional)

The MobilePush SDK size can fluctuate slightly from release to release when we add or remove code.

PlatformApproximate Binary Size of SDK
Android650 KB
iOS1–2 MB

The MobilePush SDK is streamlined for battery efficiency, even when using all features, including geolocation.

PlatformBattery Use with All Features Enabled
AndroidLess than 1%
iOSLess than or equal to 1%

We built the MobilePush SDK with mobile messaging best practices in mind.

  • Automatically acknowledges device offline mode, queues calls, and retries sending registrations and analytics after reestablishing a connection
  • Built-in logarithmic backoff logic to avoid further throttling of device calls to the server during peak load
  • Resourcefully bundles registrations and handles throttling logic to avoid DDOS situations
  • Built-in hashing logic to retry registrations in case Apple or Google change or update the device token
  • Intelligent, patented monitoring of operating system-level geofence availability and battery consumption
  • Automated logic and background controls to handle standard push notifications, silent push notifications, inbox refreshes, and patented behavioral in-app message engagement