External Activities

External activity helps marketers use all of their prospect engagement to drive their marketing automations. There are two main components to external activity: an extension, which represents an integration, and the activity type, which is the type of engagement that can be submitted. For example, an extension can be an integration with Zoom, and the activity type can be registered for call and attended call.

The API to create External Activities follows the conventions described in Version 5 Overview.

Supported Operations

OperationHTTP VerbURL FormatAbility Requirements
CreatePOSThttps://pi.pardot.com/api/v5/external-activitiesProspect > External Activity > Create


Required Editable Fields

| Field | Type | Description | | ----------- | -------- | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | --- | | extension | String | Name of the extension for this activity. | | type | String | The type of external activity for this record. It must be a value from one of the registered types in the account. | | email | String | The email address of the prospect related to this external activity. If there are multiple prospects with the specified email address, the one with the most recent activity is selected. | | | value | String | Any string value related to this activity. This value isn’t checked and can be any value. The value can be 100 characters or less. |

Optional Editable Fields

activityDateDatetimeThe date the external activity happened. It can be used by the user to backdate the activity. If not specified, then the current date is used. Must be in ISO8601 format with offset. Example: 2021-01-01T11:08:00+00:00

External Activity Create

Create an external activity with the specified fields. If no value specified for activityDate the current time is used.




The External Activity API is subject to its own limits governing daily requests, concurrent requests, and requests per minute. All External Activity API requests count against the limits defined for the External Activity API and don’t consume any standard Pardot API daily request or concurrency limits. All Pardot editions have the same Requests Per Minute limit of 200 requests. Any request in excess of the per-minute limit receives a 429 Too Many Requests response until the next minute.

EditionDaily External Activity RequestsConcurrent RequestsRequests Per Minute