Marketing App extensions

Use the Salesforce Tooling API to set up the metadata for extensions and activity types. You can also do this part from Marketing Setup in Salesforce.

Use these endpoints to set up an extension.

MarketingAppExtensionThe metadata that defines the third-party application.
MarketingAppExtensionAssignmentThe relationship between the extension and a business unit. This object determines which business unit to pass data to and from.
PardotTenantThe metadata for the business unit. Use this endpoint to identify when you create a MarketingAppExtensionAssignment.

Set up an extension to represent a third-party app. In this example, we set up a webinar extension and assign it to the HappyHomeTX business unit.

  1. Authenticate to the Salesforce API.
  2. Make a request to create an extension for a webinar service and set IsActive to true. We recommend naming it after the service to make it easy to recognize the source. Here is an example request.


Next, assign the extension to the business unit you want to pass data to or from. This step is required even if you have only one business unit.

  1. Use query to find your PardotTenant ID. This value is your business unit ID. You can also find it in Marketing Setup under Business Unit Setup. Here is an example request.


  1. To assign the extension, create a request using the PardotTenant ID. Request: