Account Engagement Open-Source Labs Apps

The following apps are provided as-is and are managed as open-source projects. These applications provide solutions to various customer pain points for marketers. Even better, the apps provide real-world examples that developers can leverage to start their own application.

Here is an overview of the apps at your disposal.

Application NameCustomer ValueAppExchange ListingGitHub LocationExample of
Embedded Feedback within Account Engagement EmailsGather instant feedback from prospects within Account Engagement emails.ListingRepoEmail builder custom component
Account Engagement List Control For SalesforceEasily manage your prospects without leaving your Salesforce record.ListingRepoAccount Engagement API integration
Newsletter Lightning Email Template with Google API custom componentsCreate a newsletter with components for YouTube, Webinars, and Google Calendar.ListingRepo
  • Packaged email template
  • Email builder custom component
Account Engagement Forms Everywhere!Use your Account Engagement forms all over Salesforce.ListingRepo
  • Email builder custom component
  • Account Engagement API integration
Video for EmailAdd video to your emails in a delightfully simple way.ListingRepo
  • Email builder custom component
  • External API Integration
Email Validator for Account EngagementKeep your prospect database clean and improve email deliverability.ListingRepo
  • External Actions (Apex)
  • API V5
  • API Authentication

Love these ideas and want to make them your own? Check out our Account Engagement ISV Getting Started.