Version 3 Home

Version 3 of Pardot APIs are for accounts that don't have the allow multiple prospects with the same email address (AMPSEA) feature enabled. See Version 3 and 4 Overview to learn more.

Object APIs

Object APIsDescription
AccountsView information about the Pardot account the API user is logged in to
Batch Email ClicksView email link click statistics
CampaignsWork with Pardot Campaigns
Custom FieldsWork with user-created fields for tracking prospect data
Custom RedirectsView custom Pardot links that track link clicks
Dynamic ContentWork with personalized content that displays based on what you know about the viewer
Email TemplatesView information about reusable email layouts
EmailsSend emails to prospects and view data about those emails
FormsView information about forms that collect visitor data
Lifecycle HistoryView how a prospect moves through the sales journey
Lifecycle StageView which stage a prospect is in during the sales journey
List MembershipAdd and remove prospects to and from lists
ListsWork with lists of prospects used to send list emails or to feed engagement programs
OpportunitiesView Pardot read-only opportunities
Prospect AccountsGroup prospects that work for the same company
ProspectsWork with identified visitors
TagsView tags used to organize Pardot assets and prospects
TagObjectIdentify objects that are tagged
UsersWork with Pardot users in your organization
VisitorsWork with people who interact with your website and other assets
VisitsWork with visits to your website and other assets
Visitor ActivitiesView how visitors have interacted with your website and other assets

Other APIs

Other APIsDescription
ExportLets you retrieve large amounts of Pardot data
ImportLets you add or update large amounts of Pardot data