Advanced Dynamic Message Content Reference

Dynamic Message Content (DMC) allows you to insert personalized content into your Marketing Cloud Personalization Open Time Email and Mobile Data campaign messages in real time. When you enable and use DMC, you can insert placeholders into a message that are replaced with the corresponding values for the receiving audience. However, there are cases where DMC placeholders aren’t configurable enough to cater to specific or advanced requirements.

In such cases, you can use Advanced Dynamic Message Content (ADMC) syntax to gain greater flexibility and control over the dynamic message content. ADMC offers variables for additional configurability so you can address specific or complex campaign requirements. You can use ADMC to query Personalization to return a specific set of items or content that matches certain criteria, and to further refine your query results.

Overall, ADMC helps create engaging messages for campaign audiences, whether providing product recommendations, promoting related content, or offering targeted promotions.

We suggest enlisting the help of experienced developers while using ADMC in your campaigns. If you’re unsure of any requirements or need further assistance with Advanced Dynamic Message Content, create a support case.

To know more about using ADMC in your campaigns, see Use Advanced Dynamic Message Content.