Ingesting Data into Marketing Cloud Personalization

Data ingestion from external data sources into Marketing Cloud Personalization is provided by a built-in data-feed processing capability called Feeds. They are a specific type of Personalization Gear extension that provides the pathways to ingest external data files and translate their contents into the Personalization platform. You can use Feeds to manually or automatically update the company catalog, import and export market segments, load historical data, and more. After configuring a Feed, Personalization business users can use the Feeds Dashboard to view and manage Feed data file processing in the Personalization platform.

While companies are responsible for creating, structuring, and providing data files that meet Personalization specifications, Personalization Gear developers are in charge of configuring the Feed pathways that support these data files.

To review implementation details and learn how to leverage Personalization data feeds, see About ETL Data Feeds on Salesforce Help.