Image Generation in Open Time Email Campaigns

Open Time Email (OTE) makes use of image generation that occurs as a background process. The image generation process runs on a recurring basis. Eligible products and associated OTE Item Templates are determined to need an image, and successfully generated images are updated in our internal CDN. The images on the CDN are what appear in the OTE Simulator and the actual emails that customers use through email provision. When an image fails to get generated, a placeholder is provided. The placeholder consists of an invisible pixel.

Problems typically present in the following ways.

Missing or Invisible Images

Occurs because there was an error in processing an image generation, which could be due misconfiguration, such as when using locales, or customer CDN throttling limits.

Blurry Images

Adding a style tag and/or height/width tags can cause blurriness. These are not necessary in order to generate images, and images without style tags should appear crisper.

Differences Between OTE Simulator and Test Emails

Can occur due to an error with the customerID in the test email, or because the recipe returns a different result when the test email is opened.

Differences Between OTE Simulator and Recipe Simulator or OTE Item Template Preview

Occurs because the OTE Simulator uses the images in the CDN, where the other features providing previews or simulation do not.

Differences Between Images and Current Product Data

Usually occurs because the product/item template pair has not been identified as needing image generation. This can happen because only products that meet eligibility requirements and have properties, that changed values, referenced in a published Item Template, get generated.

  • Products must be eligible, NOT archived, NOT expired, have a name, URL, imageURL, and be in Stock (i.e. inventory > 0) in order to be considered.
  • If the imageURL doesn't change, but the image at the URL is changed, then the CDN image will NOT get updated.
  • If values of the product that are not used in the OTE Item Template are changed, then the CDN image for that product/item template pair will NOT get updated.
  • If locales are enabled, this can cause problems if the default locale is not set properly.

Errors in image generation due to customer throttling limits are outside of the control of Marketing Cloud Personalization. These errors usually appear as default transparent pixel images, or erroneous images with missing data. Additional error information can be found in internal logs.

For throttling issues, see if adding the following user agent and HTTP headers to an allowlist to either avoid throttling or have a higher threshold:

WhereAdd to Allowlist
HTTP Header'X-Salesforce-Agent': 'Interaction Studio Open-Time Email Image Generator
User AgentMozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_2) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/79.0.3945.117 Safari/537.36 Salesforce (InteractionStudio)