Page Types

Page Types are used to establish what pages on a website and what data on these pages you'd like Marketing Cloud Personalization to track. Page Types also define the Content Zones, Events, Templates, and Catalog data to be tracked by Personalization on a page. An Personalization Sitemap comprises multiple pageType configurations. You can apply a single pageType configuration to multiple pages on your website.

The following table summarizes the fields that a PageConfig accepts.

Field NameExpected Value TypeRequiredDescriptionNamespace
nameStringYesThe name of the page type. Example: Homepage, Product DetailBoth
isMatch() => boolean | () => Promise<boolean>YesThe function that determines if the current page matches the configBoth
actionStringNoThe action that is sent when the config is evaluatedEvergage
itemActionStringNoThe property of ActionEvent used to identify user actions taken on catalog items such as "Purchase" or "AddToCart".Evergage
interactionInteractionNoThe property of ActionEvent used to identify user actions taken on catalog items such as "Purchase" or "AddToCart".SalesforceInteractions
catalogCatalogConfigNoThe catalog data to be capturedEvergage
cartCartConfigNoThe cart data to be capturedEvergage
orderOrderConfigNoThe order data to be capturedEvergage
contentZonesContentZone[]NoThe content zones defined on the pageBoth
listenersListener[]NoThe event listeners to be bound when this configuration is evaluatedBoth
onActionEvent(event: ActionEvent) => ActionEventNoThe function to modify the outgoing ActionEventBoth

Depending on your business vertical, the objective of your website, and the type of content it serves, certain page types are recommended to be mapped over others.

The following table outlines general page types that you can define on any website.

Page TypeDescription
homeThe website's homepage
blogThe blog's homepage
blog_detailA blog post
searchThe search page
search_resultsThe search results page
registerThe register page
sign_inThe sign-in page
accountThe account overview page
error_pageAn error page. Example: 404 Page

The following table outlines page types that are recommended for a commerce website.

Page TypeDescription
product_detailA product detail page
brandA brand detail page
departmentA department overview page
categoryA category page, sometimes referred to as a product list page
cartThe shopping cart
checkoutThe checkout pages
order_confirmationThe order confirmation page

The following table outlines page types that are recommended for a B2B website.

Page TypeDescription
productA specific product offering
solutionA group of offerings, high-level capability, or industry
articleA details page for articles. For example, White Papers, Technical Specs
eventA details page for events. For example, Webinars, Conferences
learningA details page for learning content. For example, Classes, Playbooks, Forums, Documentation

The following table outlines the naming convention to follow for the pageTypeDefault configuration in the sitemap.

Page TypeDescription
defaultAny page that isn't explicitly mapped