Sending Campaign Statistics to Third Parties

With Marketing Cloud Personalization, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of your Personalization campaigns. By analyzing impressions, clickthrough rates, dismissals, and recommended items, you can make informed decisions on optimizing your campaigns for better results. This data helps you increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and achieve your goals.

In addition to using Personalization campaign statistics, many organizations find using third-party analytics software to track campaign effectiveness helpful. This article outlines how to access campaign statistic event data from Personalization. You can use this method to format events for third-party tracking systems like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

When tracking campaign statistics, whether using the Campaign Stats Gear or not, the OnStatSend custom event is triggered and includes the following information.

The campaignStat object is the actual statistic tracked by Personalization. The campaignResponse object contains all the data returned from the server for the associated campaign in the campaignStat. The campaignResponse object has the following structure.

The following code snippets illustrate how to listen for the OnStatSend custom event in a Personalization sitemap.