Validate JavaScript Beacon Deployment

Marketing Cloud Personalization supports web channel campaigns by integrating with websites using a JavaScript web beacon that provides access to the Personalization module of the Salesforce Interactions SDK. Website pages that do not contain the beacon do not have behavioral tracking or personalization capabilities. This article describes steps you can take to validate the JavaScript beacon's) presence on the desired website pages.

  • A configured Sitemap is not required to validate the JavaScript beacon deployment.
  • Personalization does not support multiple beacons on a page.

  1. Check the integration type intended for your Personalization web integration. For guidance on Personalization integration types, see Plan a Web Integration and Synchronous or Asynchronous Integration.

  2. Confirm that the JavaScript beacon script tag is present in the HTML of the desired website pages. If the JavaScript beacon is present, the website's HTML contains script tags as shown in the following example.

    • Synchronous

    • Asynchronous

  3. Open the Chrome DevTools Console panel and ensure that the window.SalesforceInteractions object is defined. If you're using the Evergage SDK namespace, ensure that the window.Evergage object is defined.