Marketing Cloud Personalization Android SDK Release Notes

  • OS updates:

    • EvergageActivity needs to declare android:exported in the manifest

    • Official Google/Android nullability annotations have transitioned from the older to the latest androidx.annotation:annotation. You may find that those annotation libraries declare using a specific Kotlin version, which may collide with other Kotlin versions declared by other dependencies in your app. One way to resolve this is to choose a Kotlin version to consistently use everywhere:

  • Push notification updates:

  • Documentation updates:

  • Fixed: After reset, the SDK needs to once again automatically fetch the initial configuration from the server
  • Documentation improvements

First GA public release

  • Network: Queueing, connectivity monitoring
  • Tracking: APIs, Screen/Activity context, lifecycle monitoring (Activities, "foreground", "background")
  • Campaigns: Data, In-App Message, URL-handling for testing
  • Auto-detects DEBUG/debuggable builds and adjusts default log level