Item Reference


ArticleAn article is content that is typically organized by category or keyword.
BlogA blog is content that is typically presented as reverse chronologically sorted on a single topic.
CategorizedItemAbstract class.
CategoryA category organizes other items and is contained in a hierarchy.
ItemAbstract base class.
LineItemA line item contains a single Item and the quantity that was ordered.
LocationLocation to associate with an Item, for example for filtering reasons if a product only available in an area.
OrderAn order sent upon user checkout.
ProductA product is a CategorizedItem that can be sold to users.
ReviewA user-created review of an item.
TagAdditional tags about an item such as Brand for products or Author and Keywords for articles.
Annotation TypeDescription
PromotionStateModifies how items will be selected and ordered for promotion.
Tag.Type Specifies which type a tag belongs to.