EVGOrder Class Reference

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An order sent upon user checkout. The order contains a total purchase value and line items representing each product and quantity.

Here is a convenient way to initialize an EVGOrder

Optional array of EVGLineItems ordered by the user.

Optional order ID uniquely identifies an order to avoid duplication if the same order is resent.

The total value of the order. If present and nonzero this value overrides the normal order value calculation which is quantity x price for all the line items.

ISO code for the pricing currency of this order’s total value such as USD, EUR, GBP.

Builds an order. This method only builds a data object. To use it, pass it to one of the tracking methods like [EVGContext purchase:].


orderIdThe optional unique ID of this order.
lineItemsThe optional items being ordered along with their quantities. All entries must be of type EVGLineItem.
totalValueThe optional total value of the order. If nil or 0 it will be treated as the sum of the revenue from each line item (price x quantity).

Return Value

An order which can be further modified.