EVGTagType Constants Reference

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Specifies which type a tag belongs to.

ConstantDescriptionDeclared in
EVGTagTypeBrandA manufacturer, for example “Nike”.EVGItems.h
EVGTagTypeItemClassA custom type of item in addition to the ones predefined by Evergage. For instance, “Concert”.EVGItems.h
EVGTagTypeGenderThe gender the item is intended for. For instance, “Male”, “Female”, “Unisex”. Available in 1.2.0EVGItems.h
EVGTagTypeStyleA distinctive appearance. For example, furniture styles might be “Retro”, “Art Deco” and “Shaker”.EVGItems.h
EVGTagTypeAuthorA person who wrote an article or blog.EVGItems.h
EVGTagTypeKeywordA word or short phrase describing an item. These might be curated or added by individual users. For example, if the topic was sewing there might be a keyword tag for “needlepoint” and another for “patterns”.EVGItems.h
EVGTagTypeContentClassThe type or format of an article or blog. For example, “ebook”, “pdf”, “whitepaper”. Available in 1.2.0EVGItems.h

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