EVGLogLevel Constant Reference

Declared inReferences
EVGConstants.h[Evergage logLevel]

Indicates the threshold for logging in [Evergage logLevel]. Log messages at the threshold level and lower will be logged. For instance, if the threshold is EVGLogLevelWarn, messages at level EVGLogLevelWarn or EVGLogLevelError will be logged.

ConstantDescriptionDeclared in
EVGLogLevelErrorIndicates that an operation failed.Declared In EVGConstants.h.
EVGLogLevelWarnIndicates that something abnormal happened but the overall operation did not necessarily fail.Declared In EVGConstants.h.
EVGLogLevelInfoProvides detail about most operations.Declared In EVGConstants.h.
EVGLogLevelDebugProvides a high level of detail primarily intended for Personalization developers.Declared In EVGConstants.h.
EVGLogLevelOffDisables all logging. This is the default for release builds.Declared In EVGConstants.h.
EVGLogLevelAllEnables all logging.Declared In EVGConstants.h.