EVGScreen Class Reference

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EVGContext : NSObjectEVGScreen.h

An EVGContext associated with a UIViewController for tracking and personalization, when an app can use a UIViewController for each screen or page of the app.

EVGScreen can be retrieved via [UIViewController(Evergage) evergageScreen].

For APIs to track item views and activity, track manual actions, and handle data campaigns, see EVGContext.

If your app can't use a UIViewController for each of its screens or pages, use Evergage globalContext.

If the screen is visible.


Personalization automatically handles the following operations:

  • Updates visibility during [super viewDidAppear:] and [super viewWillDisappear:], for eligible view controllers.
  • Tracks the "view action" when the screen becomes visible and the app is or becomes active, if an action is dynamically mapped to the screen using the Personalization web app. For more information, see the Tracking Guide.